Politics is a topic I studiously avoid with present (and potential) clients. Religion too. There’s nothing to be gained and much to be lost by discussing these highly charged topics. We all know this…it’s just smart business.

But on the air, “smart business” is talking politics. The current era began with Rush, beating up on Democrats and liberals three hours daily. He’s been followed by Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, etc….quite successfully. Liberals fell seriously behind in this radio war, but recently countered with Ed Schultz and Air America crew, beating up Bush and Republicans on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, U.S. politics has become so polarized that we now avoid discussing and debating it with some friends and family. What once was good-natured and stimulating has become so heated and polarized that there’s nothing to be gained and much to be lost in our personal lives too!

It’s not as if anyone’s open to changing their minds. Instead, the “righties” listen to Rush, Sean, etc. and the “lefties” listen to Ed, Al, etc. to hear them reinforce their own convictions and further demonize the other side. And so The Great Divide grows wider.

This may be good for radio. But it’s not good for America.