Here’s the text of a news release we just sent out…more commentary to follow…

Only 1% of 18-64 year olds say HD Radio provides more stations or programming choices, based on a recent survey conducted by Mark Kassof & Co.

Overall, those aware of HD Radio are in the minority…38% say they have heard of it. However, this group includes 7% who have only heard of HD Radio and have no idea what it is. It also includes 6% who only define it as “high definition radio” but cannot explain what that means.

This leaves 25% who are “familiar” with HD Radio – that is, they have specific ideas about it. They include 17% who correctly define it as having better, clearer sound quality…far more than say HD Radio provides more choices. They also include those who have misconceptions about HD Radio…most notably, 3% who think it is “satellite radio.”

18-24 year olds have higher awareness and familiarity with HD Radio than average, while 55-64 year olds are lower than average on both measures. Men have more awareness and familiarity with HD Radio than women do.

These findings are based on 749 telephone interviews, completed from May 24-28 in the U.S. Total sample statistics have a maximum margin of error of +/-3.5%.

Mark Kassof & Co. is a research and strategy firm specializing in radio. Mark Kassof, President, states: “It is early in the marketing of HD Radio, so low awareness and familiarity are to be expected. Still, this research reveals just how far HD has to go. I’m most concerned that only 1% say that HD Radio means more programming choices, since that’s a key selling point crucial for competing with Sirius and XM.”