Here’s the text of a news release we just sent out…more commentary to follow…

A new research study reveals that 5% of 18-64 year olds think they are receiving HD Radio from at least one of the FM stations they listen to, but have not actually purchased an HD-capable radio.

Among these listeners who say they are receiving HD but haven’t purchased an HD radio, 46% say it is “about the same” as regular FM radio, while 12% of them characterize HD as “a lot better” than regular FM.

One percent of listeners say they have purchased an HD-capable radio. While a small subcell, two-thirds of them say HD is “a lot better” than regular FM.

These findings are based on 752 telephone interviews completed from September 13-17 in the U.S.

Mark Kassof & Co. is a research and strategy firm specializing in radio. Mark Kassof, President, states: “Stations contribute to confusion when they say they are ‘broadcasting in HD’ without offering an explanation of what HD provides and what is required to receive it. As a result, some listeners wrongly think they are receiving HD.”

This survey was the second HD-related study conducted by Mark Kassof & Co. this year. A May survey revealed that only 1% of 18-64 year olds said HD Radio provides more stations or programming choices.