HD Radio has made important progress recently in terms of getting into the car…more auto makers are offering HD Radio as an option or even standard in some cases. Unfortunately, that progress hasn’t yet translated into the minds of 18-64 consumers…

Comparing our recent ListenerThink HD study with our last one (September ’08), we find no progress.

Awareness has actually declined. In ’08, 67% had at least “heard of” HD Radio; now, 54% do. And consumers’ understanding (and misunderstanding) of HD is virtually identical to what we found three-plus years ago…

Then, 21% told us HD Radio delivers better sound quality; now 20% do. And now, as then, many base this perception on their understanding of HDTV, rather than actual knowledge of HD Radio.

Then, 8% said HD Radio delivers more channels and choices; now the exact same percentage do!

Then, 7% said HD Radio was satellite radio; now 6% do.

And then, 14% said they had only heard of HD Radio, but didn’t know anything about it; now, 16% do.

It’s great that HD Radio is finding its way into new cars. Over time, that is undoubtedly the single best way to get into the minds of consumers.

But for now, HD Radio’s “Knowledge Gap” continues.

(More details on our recent survey: http://thade.liquidweb.com/~kassofcm/2012/knowledge-of-hd-radio-is-low/ )