OK, so the report of radio’s  demise in cars was greatly exaggerated.  Eric Rhoads of Radio Ink has corrected the initial report that automakers plan to drop AM/FM radios from vehicles in the near future.  But something else in his report caught my eye…

Apparently, panelists at the Radio Ink Convergence Conference made comments to the effect of: Young people don’t use radio anymore, and there was extensive research to support lack of interest in radio among youth.

We can all cite data to refute these glaring misconceptions.   But I thought I’d take a fresh look at the situation. So we interviewed 490 18-54 year olds in the U.S. The surveys were conducted from Wednesday through Sunday of last week.

We asked if they were a driver or passenger in a car, truck or SUV in the past week…88% had.  And then we asked them whether they had listened to FM or AM radio while in the vehicle… 86% of them (drivers or passengers) responded “yes.”

And guess what? There are no significant differences by age group. Among 18-24’s, the number is 82%;  among 25-34’s, 89%;  among 35-44’s, 86%;  among 45-54’s, 85%. So, yes, young people do listen to traditional radio in vehicles.

But, we knew that!