Here are four examples of how Kassof PSi™ took stations to the next level…

Case Study: The “Macho Factor”

Station X learned that its P1’s want a station that’s on the masculine side (in light blue), but X (in dark blue) was perceived as too macho. Station X moved to their “ideal” by replacing its station voice with someone more warm, less intimidating.


Case Study: The “Missing Edge”

P1’s found Station B (in green) significantly more predictable and “safe,” less exciting, spontaneous and “edgy” than ideal (in blue). As a result, it switched to an edgier production voice, added “attitude” sweepers and gave its morning team more freedom. Musically, it added an “oh wow” category of infrequently-played non-currents to add an element of surprise and unpredictability.


Case Study: Self-Image

Station S learned that its P1’s see themselves as down-to-earth, family-oriented “homebodies.” As a result, it geared its promotions to emphasize family-friendly events and activities. And it gave away contest prizes relating to home improvement and “cocooning” — for example, a complete home theater system and collection of family-friendly DVDs.


Case Study: Main Motivations

Station L learned that its P1s’ #1 emotional motivation for listening is companionship. As a result, it emphasized warm, friendly and relatable personalities, rather than “entertainers.” And it consistently used the phrase: “From your friends at _____” in promos and after PSA’s.


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