Here are examples of how our Comprehensive Strategic Research helped stations find their success strategies…


Case Study: Lukewarm CHR

Power FM was the #1 station in “O City” — a metro of 1,000,000+. Our Multi-Dimensional Scaling revealed that O City’s biggest CHR target — the “Jam’N Fans” — found its mix too old and its energy lacking:

Our client was Station H. It adopted a high-energy, rhythmic-based CHR format that quickly attracted the “Jam’N Fans” and other 18-34 year old listeners. Less than a year later, Power abandoned CHR entirely. And Station H has become O City’s consistent #1.


Case Study: Know Your Listeners!

Station E was the only Rock station in “T Town” – a Top 75 market in the Midwest. But it faced intense competition from stations in “C City” – a Top 20 market only 40 miles away, plus spill in from smaller markets nearby. Altogether, more than 25 stations scored a 1.0 share or better in T Town, and no station reached double-digits. In short, T Town was very competitive!

Station E was historically in T Town’s Top 3, but had declined to the low 4’s. Our Comprehensive Strategic Research revealed why…

T Town was very conservative, rock-wise. But in an attempt to be hipper and compete more directly with stations from C City, Station E had shifted from heavily-classic “meat and potatoes rock” to more emphasis on cutting edge music..something its target listeners definitely did not want, especially from Station E!

Our Comprehsive Strategic Research guided Station E back to the mainstream of T Town rock fans – a predominantly classic mix, plus only the biggest and most familiar current cuts. And Station E returned to T Town’s Top 3.


Case Study: U Play the Wrong Music!

Station U had been a Mainstream CHR in “G City” since the late ‘70s. Through most of that history, Station U had been the market’s #1 station, with shares in the low-to-mid teens.

But recently, Station U slipped to single digits. The market entry of  “Jamz 97” – a Rhythmic CHR — had hurt Station U badly. But our Comprehsive Strategic Research discovered that Station U’s response to the new competition was its biggest downfall…

Initially, Station U tried to match Jamz 97’s mix of the Rhythmic CHR, playing a lot of hip hop. Then, it backed off to a Mainstream CHR positioning. Our Cluster Analysis revealed this created the “worst case scenario” for Station U. The “Rockin’ Hitsters” — more rock-based CHR fans – thought Station U played too much hip hop, while the “Hip Hoppers” didn’t give Station U any credit for playing it!

Since the “Hip Hoppers” were enthusiastic about Jamz 97, Mark Kassof & Co. recommended targeting the “Rockin’ Hitsters” – who were not well-served by Station U or the market’s A/C. Station U moved to an Adult CHR – Best Hits Without the Rap” positioning, and quickly reclaimed a double-digit share.


Case Study: Know When to Fold ‘Em

Station J was the #2 A/C in “X City” – a Top 50 market. But it was a distant #2…stuck between a 1.0 and 2.0 share, while its format competition – “Q-Lite” – consistently scored in high single digits. No matter what Station J tried, its share didn’t move much.

Our Comprehensive Strategic Research revealed why… Q-Lite was simply not vulnerable on its own turf! The market’s key A/C segment – the “Soft’N’EZs” – found Q-Lite’s mix right on target, and Station J just a copy of it. Q-Lite was perceived to play a lot of that music as well, with little commercial or personality talk clutter. Yet it also had personalities that appealed more to the “Soft’N’EZs” than the “no names” on Station J.

This news was disappointing for Station J’s management, but not for long…
The research also revealed a tremendous opportunity for Station J with a different audience segment – the “Classic Hitters.” They had a big problem with Q-Lite…it’s mix was far too soft for them, and too current as well. At the same time, G City’s classic-based rocker — “The Fox” — was far too hard for them, as revealed by Multi-Dimensional Mapping:

Station J relaunched with a Classic Hits station – a hip-but-not-hard mix of music from the late ‘60s through late ‘80s. In just three months, it became the A City’s #1 station among 25-54 year old listeners.

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