The Best Way to Test Your Music NOW.


The Auditorium Music Test served radio well for decades.

But there were difficulties… Getting respondents to show at a particular place and time. Increasingly high incentives to get them to show. The cost of venues, equipment and refreshments. Geographic limitations. Severe weather. Low turnouts.

Now, the solution is right in our hands…

We Love Our Smartphones

We take them everywhere, check them too often, feel lost when they’re lost. The smartphone is the most personal, most convenient device we own.

And more and more of us have them. A recent Pew survey of U.S. adults (18+) revealed that over 70% own a smartphone…as many as own PCs. And the percentage of 18-54’s who own smartphones is over 80%.

We Love Our Smartphones

The MMT lets respondents evaluate songs wherever, whenever they want

That’s why we developed the Mobile Music Test™. Mark Kassof & Co.’s MMT places the survey right in respondents’ hands…on smartphones or tablets.

They can take the MMT anywhere, anytime. They can start it, stop it, restart it when they’re ready and pick up right where they left off. And they can take a week to complete it. So they don’t have to rate hundreds of songs at one sitting. They don’t get “burned out.”

All of a sudden, evaluating hundreds of songs isn’t a “job” for respondents…it’s easy, convenient and fun!

Simple Scaling Gets to the “Bottom Line”

Respondents swipe right for Interested, left for Not Interested, down for Unfamiliar. Simple!

You’ve seen some of the scales used in music research over the years – Like It a Lot, Like It a Little, Liked It but Tired of It, etc. etc. So if they like it, but they’re tired of it, now what? Play it? Play it less? Don’t play it at all?

We’re overthinking this. What really matters is what listeners are going to do when that song comes on your air. What really matters is whether they’re interested in listening to a song. Or not.

That’s what the MMT reveals, with a simple Swipe Right = Interested in Listening and Swipe Left = Not Interested. Of course, if they’re unfamiliar with it, they’ve got a button to tell us that too.

Now you know what to play – the songs most are interested in listening to. Now you know what to drop – the songs they’re not.

Mark Kassof & Co.’s MMT helps you play the songs that give your station the best odds of keeping them listening.

Easy and fast for respondents. Easy and fast for you.

Results are delivered with Cornerstone Research’s The Analyst software. Net Impact score reveals how much each song benefits or hurts your station.

More Benefits

The Mobile Music Test represents a rethinking of the music research process – exploiting the benefits of a smartphone-based system and addressing potential concerns:

  • Every respondent gets the songs in a different, randomized order. Concerns about order bias are a thing of the past.
  • Anti-“cheating” measures. Qualified respondents are sent a link to the MMT app and a unique security code.
  • Respondents can’t answer until they’ve heard some of each hook, so they can’t speed through without paying attention, and…
  • The process will only proceed if their smartphone volume is audible, so they’re actually required to hear the hooks they’re evaluating!

Quality Recruitment

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t get qualified respondents. We’ve enhanced recruitment, seeking qualified respondents in multiple ways – by phone (both landline and cell phone), via texting and online.

And because potential respondents can participate at a place and time of their own convenience, we’re not limited to those who are willing and able to participate at a specific place, date and time.

Less Hassle, More Value

No more renting hotel rooms and setting up equipment…that saves money. Because respondents don’t have to travel, we don’t have to pay as much to get them to participate. And because we don’t have to conduct make-good sessions if they don’t show….

All this means music research that isn’t cheap, but can save you money compared to the typical AMT.

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