Kassof PSi™ Takes Your Station to the Next Level


If your station has mastered the basics of programming, it’s ready for the next level — where the style, feel and attitude of your station — its “stationality” — resonates with the personality and emotional needs of your core listeners.

Achieve that, and your station becomes more than a source of music or information… it becomes an integral aspect of your listeners’ lives — a companion, a friend, a reflection of who they are (or, just as good, who they think they are).

And given the intense competition you face — not just from radio competitors but also from Satellite radio, Pandora, iPods, etc. — you need more than the right programming…your station needs to “bond” with your core listeners on a personal, emotional level.

Kassof PSi™ gives you the crucial audience insights to take your station beyond the basics. Kassof PSi ™ gives you deep insights into your core listeners’ self-image, motivations, lifestyle, expectations and perceptions. And it reveals how well your station serves those needs, and how it could serve them better.

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