The Principles of Radio Research are the values that guide us at Mark Kassof & Co.

RESEARCH MUST BE ACTIONABLE, not just “interesting.” If strategic research doesn’t deliver a clear-cut plan of action, it hasn’t achieved its objective!

DATA IS JUST THE BEGINNING of successful research…

ANALYSIS IS CRUCIAL to turn numbers into insight and action.

OBJECTIVITY IS ESSENTIAL. Researchers must be receptive to whatever listeners tell them, even if it doesn’t fit conventional wisdom or preconceived notions.

AGENDAS KILL OBJECTIVITY. Researchers should not promote specific formats or strategies. They should be open to all of them.

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST ARE DEADLY. Researchers should not have syndication to sell you. They should not own stations that compete with you.

HONESTY IS A MUST. Researchers have to tell the truth, even if it hurts!

RESEARCHERS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. They must have the experience, methods and vision to deliver results for their clients.

The Principles reflect our commitment to deliver more than statistics. Insightful, objective, in-depth analysis is our mission — to turn data into a clear vision of where your station stands now and to develop a plan of action for improving its performance.

For nearly two decades, Mark Kassof & Co. has applied these principles, our radio expertise, and our powerful research techniques for some of the biggest successes in North American radio.

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