The Quotations of Chairman Mark are our favorite sayings about radio, marketing and research…

“Brilliant execution of a flawed strategy will get you nowhere.”

“To succeed, you’ve got to be something for somebody — enough ‘somebodies’ to make your “something” viable.”

“Show me a station that’s only a ‘second choice,’ and I’ll show you a loser.”

“The single biggest cause of ratings failure is going after listeners we cannot realistically attract.”

“These days, the ‘middle of the road’ is a good place to get run over.”

“It’s not a ‘hole’ in the market unless there are enough LISTENERS for it.”

“Marketing is simple, really…It’s about who can we get and how can we get them.”

“Marketing is a reality game…there’s no room for wishful thinking.”

“Never confuse your aspirations with marketing strategy.”

“’Me Too’ is not a viable strategy.”

“When others zig, consider zagging.”

“Listeners don’t read the trades.”

“Listeners don’t care what we want or need.”

“Definition of positioning: ‘It’s what you’re famous for’.”

“You’ve got to be famous for something.”

“Research is to radio managers as x-rays are to doctors.”

“Even the greatest surgeon needs x-rays.”

“Never underestimate your competition…WE may think they’re doing a bad job, but unless they are failing to serve listeners in some perceivable way, they’re not vulnerable.”

“Never overestimate the competition… Even a dominant station can be extremely vulnerable.”

“The most vulnerable station is the one that does not know its vulnerability.”